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Loved and Nourished

My honey-do list is long. Very long, in fact. It’s not my fault that I have such a talented, creative, good-with-his-hands hubby. One day, I was washing Maddie’s hands in our kitchen sink. I stood her up on our garbage can while I turned the water on (not very safe), and Bing! A light bulb went off.

What if I had a pedestal that Maddie could stand on so she’d be eye-level with the counter and able to watch and participate in the kitchen. It should keep her safe and contained. I could put her in it in while I cook, do dishes, etc. She’d love it, and it would free up both of my hands while cooking.

Stan came home, I shared my brilliant idea, and he gave me The Look. Okay, so I know he’s busy and my list for him is already a mile long…

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