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Finding My Why – How I Connected My Life’s Passion With My Career

Since having my daughter, I’ve discovered and put into practice my life’s passion – to create a safe, healthy, love-filled home for my family and myself.

As a woman, wife, and mother, I am committed to bringing safe products and food into our home, regardless of the extra time, money, and inconvenience it requires. It’s worth it to me because my family deserves it and so do I.

I’ve long known the importance of eating clean, healthy food. We buy organic as much as possible, never compromising when it comes to dairy, meat, or produce with higher instances of pesticides (i.e. the Dirty Dozen). We eat healthy, balanced meals (most of the time), and try to stay away from heavily processed food.

In our home, we limit exposure to toxic chemicals by using safer cleaning products, and eliminating things like synthetic air fresheners.

On the spectrum, I’d say we’re doing pretty well, and I’m proud of our choices.

One day I read an article about the toxic chemicals in skin care and cosmetics, the very things we lather on our skin every day. I downloaded a free app by the Environmental Working Group, EWG’s Healthy Living, which rates personal care products on a scale of 1-9 for toxicity (one being the best; nine the worst) by evaluating the products’ ingredients (more info here).

I looked up each of the products my family and I were using on the app and got rid of two garbage bags full of toxic products – some labeled organic, some labeled all-natural, some I even bought from my dermatologist – all of which I thought were safe. But they weren’t. They were made with toxic ingredients that were potentially harming our health.

I did a lot of research, and learned something very important:

What we put on our body is just as important
as what we put in our body.

Our skin is our largest organ, and it absorbs what we put on it. When we use products that contain harmful chemicals – like formaldehyde, parabens, and synthetic fragrances just to name a few on a very long list – we are greatly risking our health. Maybe we won’t see the effects right away, but just like smoking, or unhealthy eating, when we make poor health choices, they will eventually catch up with us.

Because the skin care industry is largely unregulated, companies get to make up their own rules at our expense. Many companies use known toxins—ingredients linked to cancer, reproductive issues, infertility, hormone disruption, etc.— and they’re completely allowed to do so.

I’m not willing to take that risk, especially with my daughters. I want them to live a long, healthy life and I want everyone I love to do the same.

As scary as all of that is, it’s important to know, because when we know better, we do better.

It took a while to find safer products for myself and my family that actually worked. I tried a bunch, but always had the same problem – they weren’t effective.

My friend Gina posted about a company she worked for, Beautycounter, a skincare and cosmetics company, whose mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. I did my research about the company and was very impressed.

Beautycounter has banned more than 1,800 ingredients from their products, which are potentially harmful to human health, setting a new health and safety standard. More importantly than what they don’t put in their products, they disclose every ingredient they do use in their products, so you know exactly what you’re using on your body.

The company has an industry-leading screening process in which every potential product ingredient is screened rigorously for safety, with a specific focus on health hazards like cancer, developmental toxicity, and hormone disruption and infertility.

All Beautycounter products are safe for all ages, as well as for pregnant and nursing women. So I don’t have to worry when my daughter wants to put on my lotion or lip gloss while she watches me get ready in the morning; or when she and I are cheek to cheek, and everything I’m wearing is being transferred to her skin; or that the products I put on my skin while pregnant (or nursing) are effecting Baby B #2 (due in September).

Within days of trying the products, I was hooked. I was several weeks pregnant, and my skin was breaking out from being on a hormonal roller coaster. Seven months later, my skin has never looked or felt better, and I know I’m putting safe products on my skin, and so are my husband and daughter (and my friends and family who have also fallen in love with these products).

That brings me to finding my Why. While I had truly identified my personal passion in life – to create a safe, healthy, love-filled home for my family and myself -I had not found a way to connect it to my professional life.


After being a loyal customer for six months, I said yes to the business, and became a consultant. This company is so perfectly aligned with my personal health philosophy and how I’m already living my life.

By joining Beautycounter, I have connected my passion with a successful career that brings me so much joy and fulfillment, and I’m able to share what I’ve learned with others so they can make safer, more informed decisions for themselves and their families.

In my short time with the company, I have built my own successful business during the busiest time in my life – I’m very pregnant, working in a corporate job, a wife, and mom to a very active two-year old.

I am so proud of my decision to join Beautycounter, and I’d encourage anyone who has a similar passion, or who is looking for a flexible career, to join me in this cause. Together, we can make a difference.

For more info about Beautycounter, check out this great, short video.

Beautycounter Featured by Goldman Sachs

If you are interested in learning more about our products or the business opportunity, please contact me:




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