Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Jan.

I’m both excited and nervous to embark on this journey of blogging. Things happen throughout the day that make me think That would be a great blog post, but I have always managed to talk myself out of it.

Who would want to read what I have to say?

I’m not a childcare professional. I’m not a lactation consultant. I don’t have any sort of educational background in childhood development. Before having my daughter, I had never even changed a diaper.

But, I am a mom to a growing, thriving, (dare I say pretty darn close to perfect) daughter. My daughter, Madeline, is two years old. And, as so many moms do, I am raising her while working full-time, going to school for my master’s degree, breastfeeding (and that alone feels like a full-time job), trying to maintain a healthy, thriving marriage with my husband, Stan, and if there’s anything left at the end of the day, trying to carve out just a little time for myself – little being the operative word.

I’m exhausted… I haven’t slept through the night since the second trimester of my first pregnancy. I’m constantly wondering if I’m doing a good enough job. I have done so much research on breastfeeding / dairy free diets / bed sharing / sleeping / nutrition / baby led weaning and Lord knows what else, that I should have a PhD in all things baby, if there was such a thing.

I am not a baby expert, but I am an expert with my baby. It took some time to get into our groove, but Madeline and I make a great team. We have overcome every obstacle that should have ended our breastfeeding journey long ago, but I am a determined (and arguably stubborn) woman, I have a wonderful, supportive husband, and I am committed to doing whatever I think is best for my daughter, no matter the sacrifice.

More than anything, the past two years have been the most incredible, satisfying, love-filled years of my life! I am excited to share my journey with new moms – what has worked for us, the obstacles we have overcome and continue to experience, and the wonderful honor it is to be a mother.

I may question myself, but at the end of the day, I am very proud of the parenting choices Stan and I have made with our daughter, and there isn’t much I would change.

Whether you are here because you are entering a new stage with your baby and have questions, you’re pregnant and preparing for what’s to come, or it’s 2:00 am, you’re up with your baby who won’t sleep, you haven’t slept in who knows how long, and you’re scouring the internet on your phone, desperate for advice (been there, done that), I hope you’ll find some pearls of wisdom that will help make your life a little easier.

So, if you’re still with me, thank you for reading this! I hope to offer you some encouragement, support, ideas, and inspiration, from my loved and nourished family to yours.

Smiling Baby with Family



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